1. Elder

1.01 – Start Young

Yep, I’m starting another challenge. This is a Backwards ISBI, as created by zefiewings; full rules are here.

1.1.01 - Galen title card
This is my founder, Galen Young. Yes, I know, not a very imaginative surname, but I like how the whole name flows. We’re in a race against time to find him a spouse and raise some kids before he kicks off.

His traits are randomly rolled, nicely mixed, but not overly helpful. His favourites are white, Egyptian music and Stu Surprise. For his face, I went for unusual, not gorgeous but not ugly either; normal-looking 😉

I chose to start in my new town, Midnight Hollow. It’s very dark and red, but I like it.

1.1.02 - university
Before we even build a house, Galen is off to university. He doesn’t have any skills, so I didn’t even bother taking the aptitude test; he’s paying full fees. I chose the Physical Education degree, though it doesn’t really matter; we’re at uni to look for a spouse, and skill up while not aging.

1.1.03 - stoked
He looks so stoked to be there.

1.1.04 - get married wish
Immediately we buy him a tabcast; when time is of the essence, two skills at once is very important. Since he wished it, he’ll learn charisma first.

Oh right, I’m going to be following the No Wish Left Behind rule; if he rolls it, and there’s a free spot, it must be locked in. Locked wishes can only be replaced with wishes of a higher value. So yeah, we bought him a mirror and cane soon after the tabcast. The ‘Get Married’ wish will be fulfilled in due time; family-oriented sims, lol.

As you can see by Galen’s moodlets, he’s at the gym.

1.1.05 - failing at gym
Failing, at the gym.

After gaining both charisma and athletic points, he hops off the treadmill to meet some people.

1.1.06 - Ashley Corono
First up, he heartfarts Ashley Corono. She wears way too much makeup at the gym, but at least her gym gear is perfectly matched?

1.1.07 - Sarah Mahoney
He also heartfarts Sarah Mahoney. Yeah, we’re just meeting and getting stats at the moment; going to follow Galen’s wishes as best I can, so we’ll see who he wishes to befriend.

1.1.08 - Lizze Mund
No heartfarts, but this is Lizzie Mund; she lives in the same dorm as Ashley.

1.1.09 - Ann Conners
Reckon Galen likes the ladies? This one is Ann Conners; I don’t love her face, hopefully Galen picks someone else.

1.1.10 - treadmill
He’s slightly better on the treadmill second time round.

1.1.11 - candy machine
I love that the candy fills up his hunger bar; Galen can pretty much live at the gym.

1.1.12 - sleeping in bathroom
The bathroom is the only place in the gym that doesn’t have speakers to wake Galen up, so he sleeps in there. Not the most hygienic, IRL, but hey, this is sims, floors don’t get dirty!

1.1.13 - jogging to class
Since we’re going for the ‘long life’ promised by completing the Marathon Runner skill challenge, Galen jogs pretty much everywhere.

1.1.14 - two at once
Outside class, he manages to heartfart two people at once; wow, he’s special. But not into guys, so back luck, blondie.

1.1.15 - cutie redhead
Ooh, this girl’s cute. But I didn’t write down her name, unfortunately.

1.1.16 - making food
Galen was invited to a party that night, and caused a ruckus when he made food for the house. Because feeding people is apparently inappropriate.

1.1.17 - befriend Sarah
He wished to befriend Sarah, so goes off to do that. And lol, there’s a singer plying for tips at university. I love how the girl in the beanie is just watching him sing, and ignoring the conversation in front of her.

1.1.18 - 10 of 10
We ‘Considered Attractiveness’, and got 10 out of 10. Nice!

1.1.19 - sleeping in class
LMAO, apparently this is considered ‘attending class’. He’s in the right location, but definitely not learning anything!

1.1.20 - running incline
Galen has now graduated to running on an incline. Though it must hurt to run in bare feet like that…

1.1.21 - L6 athletic
Up to L6 already; he is pretty much on the go all the time, sleeps in the rabbithole classes and fills up his energy in two hours instead of the eight it takes in a bed/sleeping bag.

1.1.22 - date with Sarah
He wished to go on a date with Sarah, and is pretty hungry, so diner date it is!

1.1.23 - catch fly1 1.1.23 - catch fly2
But he’s really hungry…so has a fly before she gets there. o.0

1.1.24 - Sarah embrace
Sarah doesn’t seem to mind. (LOL at the face of the guy in the background!)

1.1.25 - watch stars1 1.1.25 - watch stars2
As the sun goes down, they watch the stars…not sure how that works, but okay. Sarah is also ignoring his stench – she might be a keeper.

1.1.26 - flowers
Galen thinks so too. He autonomously gave her flowers while he was rolling this wish:
1.1.27 - kiss Sarah wish

1.1.28 - random slap
WTF, Galen? No idea what happened here…

1.1.29 - befriend Ashley
He has also wished to befriend Ashley.

1.1.30 - school cheer1

1.1.30 - school cheer2
Oh, school cheer; she’s a jock and because he’s now friends with her, he is too.

1.1.31 - diner date
Another diner date; Galen is living on candy and diner food – sounds about right for a college student.

1.1.32 - first kiss
Belly satiated, it’s time for the first kiss!

1.1.33 - romantic photo
And then a romantic photo.

1.1.34 - study group
Ashley must like Galen, she keeps inviting him to parties. This is what she did when he made a study group. Sounds about right for a jock…

1.1.35 - nailed exam
He nailed his first exam, and is super excited about it.

1.1.36 - Sasha Parks
Heartfarting Sasha Parks; she has an interesting face, and I would not be opposed to choosing her as the spouse. (LOL at the magician; why is ST infecting all my worlds?)

1.1.37 - meet a vampire wish
I guess seeing the vampire made Galen want to talk to one.

1.1.38 - hello vamp
But introducing him to this vamp didn’t fulfil the wish, strange.

1.1.39 - making dinner
I think this is the first time Galen’s been back to the house he rented since the first day; it’s easier to live everywhere when he has the sleeping bag. But he’s making dinner for himself and Sarah. Just don’t stand up too fast, Galen, you’ll hit your head.

1.1.40 - nice meal
Nice, domestic scene.

1.1.41 - Sarah wishes
He keeps rolling wishes towards Sarah; seems he might have made his choice.
1.1.42 - wish fulfilled

1.1.43 - makeout
Can you guess what he rolled next?

1.1.44 - woohoo
Yep, woohoo time!

1.1.45 - dreaming
Naw, they’re dreaming about one another.

1.1.46 - faces in mirror
This is what Sarah did the next morning. For hours. I sent Galen on a run and kept watching her…she didn’t move. Methinks she might have the Childish trait.

1.1.47 - pretty pond
University is very pretty, I should bring my sims here more often.

1.1.48 - fishing
Galen finally wished to put his Angler trait to use, so here we are to fish.

1.1.49 - playing in the bathroom
Another party…where Leonard Shelly has decided to play guitar in the bathroom. The same one where Galen has just finished his shower. Sim Logic…

1.1.50 - pumped buff
I discovered an awesome benefit of the Pumped moodlet; even when his energy is at 0, while the buff is active, Galen won’t pass out! Time to meet some more people; living at the gym is very helpful for this, since different sims come here all the time.

1.1.51 - fixing vending machine
You know you’re eating too much candy when you break the vending machine…

1.1.52 - celebrity skill challenge
First skill challenge complete! This should make it easier to make friends.

1.1.53 - ghost story
…though I’m not sure a ghost story will help too much.

1.1.54 - creepy
Dude, creepy.

1.1.55 - Liz Tarry
Hey, it’s Liz Zale Tarry! She looks so cute, pouting.

1.1.56 - skill journal
Wow, he’s run so much already! Jogging and treadmill counts towards both cardio hours and kilometres 😉

1.1.57 - sleeping in class
He also mostly sleeps this way, rather than in bed…

1.1.58 - picnic date
Picnic date. He rolls a wish to ‘go on a date with Sarah’ every time they finish a previous one.

1.1.59 - holding hands
They are so cute together.

1.1.60 - yelling
Hmm, this guy interrupted and yelled at Sarah. She’s single, but maybe she has another RI?

1.1.61 - tag
I forgot this about childish sims – they can play tag! Though umbrella guy doesn’t seem to understand how the game works…

1.1.62 - results
And university is at an end; those 10 days went by pretty quickly. Galen got a B; he went to all his classes, but we didn’t try that hard.

1.1.63 - dip kiss
One last kiss.

1.1.63 - go steady
And a promise to stay faithful.

1.1.64 - pride walk
And, well, that walk says everything.

1.1.65 - glitchy
Uh…wtf are you guys trying to do? You’re doing it wrong, whatever it is.

1.1.66 - photo
Oh, romantic photo.

1.1.67 - scared
And then Sarah did this. Not nice!

1.1.68 - home
Home! To an empty lot. Guess I better get to building.

1.1.69 - invite to visit
First, he invites Sarah to visit.

1.1.70 - jogging
Then goes for a jog to meet some locals.

1.1.71 - Nadia Cho
This lovely lady is Nadia Cho; I love her look.

1.1.72 - kiss Nadia wish
Apparently so does Galen.

Who will Galen choose to be his spouse? And how will I manage to keep him alive until his children come of age?


20 thoughts on “1.01 – Start Young

  1. There! Found out how! I love Galen and, unfortunately, both of the girls he is heart farting for. Nadia’s look is so unique. Did she come with the town or did you download her and put her in? I’ve never seen the goggles before so I love them! But then, Sarah is super cute too. Gah X_X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How exciting! I love Galen. He’s super fun! It was cool to see Liz! I like Sarah and Nadia, so whatever he chooses works for me! So happy to see your new challenge!


  3. Yes! *fist pump* another legacy in Midnight Hollow!

    Galen’s got quite a bit of game – snagging the attention of all those coeds. You go old man!

    Sarah seems cool but Nadia is pretty awesome (MH bias). The fact that two of her ‘bandmates’ are cute doesn’t hurt either.

    Another great legacy in the making. Definitely keeping tabs on it.


    1. You know, it wasn’t until I looked around town with Galen that I realised Cedrick wasn’t your creation? Shows how much I research towns before I buy them, lol.

      Haha, cute bandmates definitely helps. And I love her traits, they seem very helpful to getting a non-playable spouse to fulfill their LTW…


      1. Well, I did say he was a pre-made sim waaaaaay back in Gen Zero…. XD

        Fun Fact: It’s implied Ced and his sister Odessa are based off of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen. Thankfully Ced isn’t that hateful.


  4. Yay! Great first chapter, I love Galen, he’s adorable. And oh goodness, I don’t know whether I like Sarah better or Nadia.. right now I think I prefer Sarah, just because it looked like she has the childish trait, too, and a childish couple is cute.


  5. Yeah, finding the comments part was a bit confusing, but I found it!

    How different, to start with an old man. Seems cool but difficult! Both the girls could be a good choice? I prefer Nadia’s look overall but Sarah is fun. 🙂

    By the by, Galen means Insane in Swedish. 😉 So that’s very appropriate.

    This should be fun to follow!


    1. LOL, I didn’t even know about the translation! Was just trying to find an interesting name, and Galen seemed to fit him. Does so even better knowing the Swedish.

      The difficult part is going to be keeping him alive til the kids reach Adult – not YA, full Adult. I’m checking out all the different options.


  6. Loving the sound of the backwards ISBI.
    Loving Midnight Hollow.
    Autumnrein-Nadia Cho is a local to MH.A lot of the sims in that world have strange headgear, and some interesting names. I’m personally fond of John and Jane Doe.


  7. I love Galen, he is an adorable old guy. I also like both girls so don’t mind who he chooses. This is a great start, can’t wait to read more.
    This makes me want to use Midnight Hollow again.


  8. Hey, just found this on Boolprop! I’ve seen you around in the comment section of other stuff I read. I love the idea of Backwards ISBI, and I see you made it to the heir poll.

    I want to see if I can catch up and vote! OK, I admit, I actually already voted based on appearance, traits, and LTW. But now I want context.

    Liked by 1 person

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