2. Adult

2.11 – End of the Line

2.10.61 - Galen dies6
Previously, Angela aged up to teen, proving to be a face clone of Tess. And Galen finally left us.

This chapter took a long time coming (been trying to complete it since I posted 2.09), I had so many issues with the save file. Just this one, the Rourkes were fine. Most times, the game crashed immediately upon loading – I couldn’t even action a move to a new town. Many many different things were tried, and I was on the verge of manually recreating the family in CAS in a new save file. But then, I was able to roll back the game to the previous patch – the one before EA forced Origin to be open during play. And that worked!

That fix was implemented about halfway through this chapter; I apologise if it seems a bit stilted or random, I played through this few days many many times.

2.11.01 - kids grieve
The kids grieve in their own ways; Angela takes solace in the chess board, while Maura prefers the guitar.

2.11.02 - Gabe astronaut
Gabe dressed up…then stood next to the wall with his neck at this weird angle.

2.11.03 - watch Maura play
And instead of going to bed, like he needs to, he went to watch Maura play.

2.11.04 - Antoine pee self
I missed it, but Antoine’s moodlets prove he failed again. -5

2.11.05 - Julian died
Tam’s new hubby died a day after they were married. At least they got a wedding night, I guess?

2.11.06 - Angela check sink
Angela’s neurotic trait is finally strong enough to show; she’s checking the sink.

2.11.07 - embrace
These two are still in love. Antoine rolls a wish to interact with Tess every time they’re in the same room.

2.11.08 - free vacation
Tess then got this opportunity, and I decided to take it. We’ll see what the kids get up to without parental supervision.

2.11.09 - Maura drums 2.11.10 - Angela reads
…not a whole lot. Maura plays drums while Angela reads.

2.11.11 - Angela homework
*gasp* an idiot child is doing homework at their desk! Alert the press!

2.11.12 - Maura grieves
*sigh* so sick of the mourning. And Tess took the moodlet manager with her.

2.11.13 - throw party
But I have a cure; a teen party! Maura’s teen action was used to throw the party.

2.11.14 - Bridgett1
A newly-teenified Bridgett Terrey is the first to arrive. Yes, it’s a swimwear party…just coz.

2.11.14 - Bridgett2
I turned her purple, like her mother; we have enough pasty kids in the hood already.

2.11.15 - Kendrick
Kendrick Doe, who was given green tips.

2.11.16 - Guy Denny
Guy Denny, whose genetics are also unique.

2.11.17 - party
Chadwick is also here, now the party can start! The boy in the red trunks is Max’s son Christopher – he looks a lot like his father.

Both girls scanned the room (I don’t consider this an action, since it does nothing in game – it’s a Woohooer interaction).

2.11.18 - Maura scan
Maura likes Kendrick best.

2.11.19 - Angela scan
Angela likes both Chadwick and another Terrey offspring named Spencer… he didn’t inherit any of the good Terrey genes, so we’ll go with Chadwick.

2.11.19 - dancing1
2.11.19 - dancing2
As with a teen party, everyone autonomously dances in pairs.

2.11.20 - flirt
Angela’s teen interaction is to flirt with Chadwick. He accepted it then walked off to dance with someone else. Teenagers.

2.11.21 - pass out
Hillary Young (Evie’s daughter) is the first one to pass out.

2.11.22 - woken up
Only to be woken up by the stereo. And I see you in the back there Maura, get to the bathroom!

2.11.23 - bad party
Aw, Christopher, it wasn’t that bad a party! It did last for a good 7 hours.

2.11.24 - Angela grounded1
2.11.24 - Angela grounded2
Too bad the parents came home early. Angela got grounded.

2.11.25 - Maura trouble1 2.11.25 - Maura trouble2
And Maura (who did make it to the toilet, thank goodness), was stripped of her TV privileges.

2.11.26 - Angela dishes
Angela immediately cleans up all the plates, trying to get back onto her mother’s good side.

2.11.27 - Maura sobbing
Maura just sobs in the bathroom.

2.11.28 - Angela trouble
Angela snuck out to school the next day, and was in trouble again when she got home *sigh*

2.11.29 - Maura pass out
Maura proves that childhood habits don’t necessarily extend to other life stages. She was the only child that could go to bed without a story, yet she’s the only one passing out as a teen. -5

2.11.30 - death1 2.11.30 - death2 2.11.30 - death3
All three of these notifications came one after another; obviously all the sims who started out this save file with Galen are giving up the ghost.

Parche and Tess will make things all better, puppy spam time!
2.11.31 - Parche spam1 2.11.31 - Parche spam2 2.11.31 - Parche spam3

2.11.32 - Gabe bday1
And it’s Gabriel’s birthday. Angela, who just broke the dishwasher, is the first to celebrate.

2.11.32 - Gabe bday2
But the rest of the family aren’t too far away…even if most of them don’t bother to get out of their PJs.

2.11.32 - Gabe bday3 2.11.32 - Gabe bday4
Last look at the cutie.

2.11.32 - Gabe bday5
Sparkly! He had a B in school, so Over-Emotional was locked in. Not too bad, in the scheme of locked traits.

2.11.32 - Gabe bday6 2.11.33 - GabeT
And here is our new teen! I went with a muso, emo vibe for him.

(I just realised as I was typing up this chapter that we need to do an heir poll, since all the kids are teens, and the new TH will be taking over as a YA – that will be up after this chapter)

2.11.34 - ask pref
Ignore the mailbox photobombing, this is Tess asking Gabe his sexual preference.

2.11.35 - Gabe straight
Straight, so we need a girl and a boy and whoever Maura likes best for our gen 3 teens.

2.11.36 - play with mum
One last photo of the cute puppy playing with his mum.

2.11.37 - Parche bday1
Because it’s Parche’s birthday!

2.11.37 - Parche bday2
He’s a small dog with the same fur shape as his mother, with a great combo of markings from his parents.

2.11.38 - makeovers
During my attempts to fix the game, a bunch of CC was removed; a bunch of CC was removed as well. Angela and Maura both got makeovers. And the faces are for the still-broken dishwasher, not the new outfits!

2.11.39 - fix dishwasher
Tess apparently needs a makeover also – but at least she’s fixing the dishwasher.

2.11.40 - check stove
Angela is so adorable, it’s annoying she’s a clone.

2.11.41 - Rojo maxed hunting
Rojo finally fulfilled his wish to max hunting! No point for that, since he’s controllable (and a pet).

2.11.42 - invisible
Damn social butterflies. Even though the moodlet is cute, and he’s no longer at risk of the social worker, Gabe still requires constant attention. At least he seeks out social activities autonomously, less work for me.

2.11.43 - Parche heterochromia
Hey, Parche has two different coloured eyes! Interesting, since neither of his parents have that…and no-one in the line has blue eyes, either. Nuevo and Lady had brown, Rojo and Esther had green.

2.11.44 - hunting skill
Apparently the Hunter trait makes him automatically get L7 in the Hunting skill. Yay for Parche.

2.11.45 - peashooter
For a sim that hates the outdoors, Angela sure loves playing with the peashooter. This is the second time I’ve caught her in just a sim week.

2.11.46 - Maura music club
To prove how close we are to Maura’s YA birthday, she’s just been to her Music Club presentation.

2.11.47 - parents attended
Both her parents attended, though they’re still grieving Galen.

2.11.48 - music
The oldies go home, but Maura chooses to play guitar in the empty school yard.

2.11.49 - Gabe piano
Her fellow Virtuoso, Gabriel, found the piano in his inventory; Antoine, Rojo and Lady watch.

2.11.50 - Gabe coffee
He plays until about 3am, then chooses coffee over bed. This is going to come back to haunt you later, boy.

2.11.51 - Lori in love
Naw Lori and her hubby are so in love. Make some babies already, guys!

2.11.52 - Tess + dartboard1
Tess wanted a dartboard, so here we are.

2.11.52 - Tess + dartboard2
She looks confident, though she missed the target with all three darts.

2.11.53 - hydrant
Rojo brought home all the pieces for a stone hydrant!

2.11.54 - Gabe pass out
You can’t fool me Gabe, I see that Z! He passed out after school. -5

2.11.55 - Parche vs lizard
Parche vs lizard. Too cute!

2.11.56 - Gabe naps
Instead of coming home, Gabe chose to nap on a community bench.

2.11.57 - Antoine naps
Like father, like son, I guess.

2.11.58 - Lori moved
Lori’s previous hairstyle was a casualty of the lengths I had to go to to fix the game. And she’s moving…taking Jax with her, for some reason.

2.11.59 - Rojo bday
It’s Rojo’s birthday!

2.11.60 - Elder Rojo
Aw, he’s all grey around the mouth now.

2.11.61 - Maura bday1
And now, one more birthday; Maura’s!

2.11.61 - Maura bday2 2.11.61 - Maura bday3 2.11.61 - Maura bday4
But you don’t get to see what she looks like as a YA yet; first we need an heir poll! See this post to vote.



Births (9 x +5) 45
Fulfilling LTW (5 x +40) 200
Maxed skill (16 x +5) 80
Honour Roll (9 x +5) 45
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
NP Spouse reach the top of their career (1 x +10) 10
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (34 x -5) -170
Self-wetting (25 x -5) -125
For each sim failing school -5 0
NPC visit (2x -5) -10
Accidental Deaths -10 0
Social Worker Visit -15 0
Total 105

7 thoughts on “2.11 – End of the Line

  1. Teen party! That’s great, I never bother with the free vacations. Loved how everyone paired up, pity they didn’t enjoy it. it was a nice opportunity to watch the future spouse options at least.

    Gabe is really cute, Maura has some competition there!

    Happy birthday Maura and dogs! I know she grew up gorgeous because I already peeked. 😉


    1. I rarely bother with vacations either, this felt like a good opportunity to get to know some of the teens in town. Yes, I’m finding it difficult to choose between Gabe and Maura – good thing you guys are choosing!


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