3. Young Adult

3.01 – Proper Orange

I apologise for the very long wait. This family/save is really not liking me lately; more explanation later on.

3.01.01 - poll

The heir poll is a tie! So, since Maura is now a YA, she will be the TH until Gabriel also ages up, then I will control each of them on alternate days. Well, that was the plan, anyway. But I’ll explain later, for now, Maura is the sole sim being controlled.

3.01.02 - Maura age up
She had a B in school, so aged up with the Proper trait. Her LTW is One Sim Band (master all instruments).

3.01.03 - Maura YA
So gorgeous. And very difficult to dress; I chose to interpret “proper” as nothing low-cut or short hems, but not too old fashioned, either.

3.01.04 - family cake
Cake dinner!

3.01.05 - clean plates
Gabe decided cleaning up the dishes was more important than going straight to bed…he did make it, luckily.

3.01.06 - flirty
Now out from under my thumb, Tess is free to flirt with Antoine.

3.01.07 - rocking
And fight over the rocking chair, of course.

3.01.08 - new house
New TH and new generation = new house!

3.01.09 - house floorplan
In an effort to make things slightly more difficult, the new house only has two bathrooms. The entrance is wide open, in an effort to reduce route failure during parties and such. It was very difficult to decorate with pink and orange as favourite colours; apologies for any eyesores.

3.01.10 - prom
Prom time for the two younger kids!

3.01.11 - Tess pool
With nothing to do, Tess continues her love affair with the outdoors; she spent the entire day outside, and earned a very deep tan as a result.

3.01.12 - Maura bass
Maura goes to a community lot to play her bass, so that the idiots at home don’t fail around her.

3.01.13 - Chadwick came home
Chadwick came home from school with Angela.

3.01.14 - Chadwick bye
And then left right away…

3.01.15 - Angela reading
Angela found the new bookcase with no issue.

3.01.16 - Tess diving
Proof that Tess spent the entire day in the pool; she is now a graceful diver!

3.01.17 - Angela date
Ooh, Angela has a date!

3.01.18 - Angela + Kendrick
For some reason, she chose to attend in her formal wear.

3.01.19 - Angela slide
And then slid down the bannister! I’ve not seen a sim in my game do this, too cute!

3.01.20 - Angela homework
She then chose to do her homework in the laundromat. Great date, Ange.

3.01.21 - Angela rocking chair
When she got home, she managed to commandeer the rocking chair, to the consternation of both her parents.

3.01.22 - Antoine snob
I often forget Antoine is a snob…then he does something like this to remind me.

3.01.23 - frisbee1 3.01.23 - frisbee2 3.01.23 - frisbee3
Tess and Angela play frisbee! Tess is very good, Angela is…not so good.

3.01.24 - graduation1

3.01.24 - graduation2
Kendrick appears to have aged up, and is also graduating. So we have one spouse option for Maura.

3.01.25 - most likely
She got Most Likely to be a Rock Star…could have worked, though she’s far too proper for that. And we have more than enough money so she doesn’t need to work.

3.01.26 - diploma toss
Obligatory diploma toss!

3.01.27 - festival
And we’re off to the summer festival.

3.01.28 - hot dog contest1
Most of the idiots were starving, so Maura instigated a hot dog eating contest. Some random townie beat Antoine to the fourth spot at the table.

3.01.28 - hot dog contest2
3.01.28 - hot dog contest3

Maura won!

3.01.29 - cheer1
Hey, it’s Cristina! She’s Angela’s mother, if you don’t remember, and Antoine’s sister. And wtf is Tess doing?

s…apparently a School Cheer. Lols, sims.

3.01.30 - homework
Angela chose to sit down and do her homework after eating.

3.01.31 - Gabe soccer
While Gabe instigated a soccer contest.

3.01.32 - Kendrick1
Maura accompanied Antoine to a party at Sam Shepherd’s house. Sam wasn’t there, but Kendrick Doe was! Giving trick or treats in summer, as you do.
3.01.32 - Kendrick2

3.01.32 - Kendrick3
They chatted while Antoine cooked himself some food.

3.01.32 - Kendrick4 3.01.33 - blindingly stunning
Much attraction.

3.01.34 - mac 'n' cheese
And then they shared the meal, since Kendrick was starving and Maura wanted to continue talking. But Antoine looks like he could have used a bed instead of a meal.

3.01.35 - Antoine pass out
Yup. -5

3.01.36 - Antoine naps
He made it home and to bed for a nap.

3.01.37 - Tess sandbox
Meanwhile, Tess plays in the sandbox…it’s like she’s a teenager all over again.

3.01.38 - Gabe date
Ooh, that’s one way for an idiot to get an RI! Doesn’t matter than Gabe is straight, we’ll say yes anyway.

3.01.39 - Ange peashooter
Ange is still obsessed with that damn peashooter.

3.01.40 - pool party
The next day, it’s Leisure Day. Maura wished to throw a pool party, and thus we do.

3.01.41 - auto HOTMK
Tess and Antoine are still all over one another all the time. And you can see in this picture how tanned she is, especially against whiter-than-white Antoine.

3.01.42 - Timmy Fiend
Guests have arrived! This is Pink’s adopted son, Timmy. He’s pretty cute, and a fairy (with pink wings, lol). Behind him, Chadwick is having a tantrum for some random reason.

3.01.43 - eating together
Also invited was Bridgett Terrey; all the potentials eat together, for the sake of talking.

3.01.44 - Gabe scan room
Gabe scans the room – he’s definitely not gay, and Bridgett is looking like a good option!

3.01.45 - convince to
Nevertheless, Maura Convinces him to talk to Richelle Lau.

3.01.46 - talk to Richelle
She’s a cute option also.

3.01.47 - Kendrick
Kendrick also made the party; he was too busy swimming to bother with food. Also lol at Timmy’s belly flop in the background!

3.01.48 - fire1
Uhoh, someone forgot something in the deep fryer.

3.01.48 - fire2
Maura freaked out when I sent her into the room…good thing Tess is Brave, she put out the fire herself. (and I missed the pictures)

It’s also prom night for Angela and Gabe; here are the highlights:
3.01.49 - Gabe prom1 3.01.49 - Gabe prom2 3.01.49 - Gabe prom3 3.01.49 - Gabe prom4 3.01.49 - Gabe prom5 3.01.50 - Angela prom1 3.01.50 - Angela prom2 3.01.50 - Angela prom3 3.01.50 - Angela prom4 3.01.50 - Angela prom5

Basically, Gabe had a great night (as per every sim who went with a date), and Angela had a bad one, though she did win prom queen.

3.01.51 - Maura + Kendrick1
Meanwhile, Maura was wooing Kendrick – with everything but kisses, because she’s too proper for that 😉 (in the background, Antoine found the fryer, but overcooked his food slightly)
3.01.51 - Maura + Kendrick2 3.01.51 - Maura + Kendrick3 3.01.51 - Maura + Kendrick4

Unfortunately, at the end of prom, my game started having issues again; crashing to desktop every time I opened the Young save. Again, the Rourke save is fine, just have problems with this one. I tried a bunch of things, and finally moved the family…only for the game to crash the second I unpaused the game in the new file. When I reopened the game, I found a save file with only Maura, in the new town (Moonlight Falls); tried this file and it worked! Played for a sim week without it crashing.

So I tried to put the new house from MH into the new save. Crash!

Tried to put just the Young family in the new save. Crash!

3.01.52 - Maura in MF
This is Maura’s house in MF – it’s a premade called Modern Mansion.

3.01.53 - house layout
I only decorated the inside for now, since Maura’s alone – very orange and white!

Next time, we begin Maura’s adventures in Moonlight Falls!


Births (9 x +5) 45
Fulfilling LTW (5 x +40) 200
Maxed skill (16 x +5) 80
Honour Roll (9 x +5) 45
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
NP Spouse reach the top of their career (1 x +10) 10
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (35 x -5) -175
Self-wetting (25 x -5) -125
For each sim failing school -5 0
NPC visit (2x -5) -10
Accidental Deaths -10 0
Social Worker Visit -15 0
Total 100

15 thoughts on “3.01 – Proper Orange

  1. Noooo! D: Gabriel and Jevon could have become something special, despite Gabriel’s sexuality. Love is, how they always say, blind. *siiigh* Rest in peace young princes of the prom.

    That aside, it sucks that your save is acting out. Maybe in the future it would be better and more beneficial to rotate your saves? If you don’t already do so, that is.


    1. Haha, during the multiple times I played through the prom, Gabriel and Jevon did have a great time. Too bad the Sim Gods weren’t having it.

      I do rotate saves, using nraas Saver. Unfortunately, I think one of Gabe or Angela has been slowly corrupting the save since birth, so none of them were ok.


  2. The crashing could be because of an origin/game update not being compatible with mods. It was happening with mine so I updated story prog/master controller and it worked again.


    1. I think that was the cause of the crashing last time, but I haven’t updated since I rolled back to the previous update (before Origin was required to be open to play). Pretty sure it was one of the kids corrupting everything.


  3. Sucks that you are having issues with your save. Hope you get it sorted. I have been having issues with the winterton save. Still not 100% stable.
    I love that house you moved Maura into. I think that’s the house Scarlet grew up in.


  4. Sorry about your save, I know how frustrating that can be. Especially since you lost the whole family in one go. Did you save them all to the bin? Is Maura sole heir now, after the move? Gosh, she’s gorgeous. I like that she has a little strip of demure white fabric covering her decolletage! Proper indeed.

    The new house looks nice, I like orange with white. And in all honesty, I prefer Moonlight Falls to Midnight Hollow anyway. 🙂


    1. Yep, they were all saved to the bin, but I’m kind of enjoying starting over with just Maura. She is sole heir now, and it’s working well so far!

      Haha, I’m liking MF a lot, the lighting is way nicer. Though the townies aren’t as pretty as in MH.


  5. Wow, that really sucks about your save. Sorry to hear about it. I wish there was a way you could get back in to the game and save each sim individually. Did you add any new CC lately? The Sims would look funny but you could try loading the game with CC disabled, save the sims hairless and try to reconstruct them. It would be a lot of work but might be worth it.


    1. I haven’t added any new CC, and no updated mods either; it’s weird. Recreating the sims one by one was going to be the next step if the move didn’t work. For now, Maura in MF is going well so let’s hope things stay that way!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m catching up! I love Kendrick! But this is the end of the rest of the Youngs? That’s a huge bummer. You sound like you’ve been around the block with Sims glitches. I assume you tried Reset Everything in MasterController? That can fix a multitude of ills.

    I had one time where a bunch of my townie men were stuck pregnant when I didn’t have pregnancy turned on OR any pregnant morphs installed (think the Headless Horseman in reverse). They started crashing my game. I never did find a way to fix it an had to annihilate them all. So much sadder when they’re your actives :(.


    1. So glad you’re catching up!
      I could have used your opinion on troubleshooting; usually, I’m pretty decent with computers and fixing things, but this completely eluded me. I did try Reset Everything; sometimes the game allowed the reset then crashed, other times it crashed during resetting. Something was definitely corrupted; everything is working fine now 🙂


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