4. Teen

4.07 – Red-topia

Previously, the quads aged up and were kicked out, but not before their birthdays and graduation caused a bunch of fails. And Faith changed the future to Dystopian, which is where we are headed now!

Dystopian future!

Woohoo in the time portal; it just flashes pink, kind of disappointing.

Antwon found himself a bed, and shows off the handprint on his butt as he sleeps 🙂

Faith cleans up a trash pile with a nanite.

Then heads to the bot shop to work.

So I’m stalking Antwon; first he falls on his face getting out of the elevator.

Then synthesises himself some food and promptly loses it on the counter. Boy does not handle free will very well.

I sent him out to the park to make friends.

He chose to play the guitar (Nadia’s one from gen 1!) instead.

Meanwhile, Faith earns more points by maxing both cooking and Advanced Tech. AT skills so fast in the future, it’s on par with photography.

She then catches a bug and eats it. Because the option was there.
I forgot to get a shot, but because she’s a Daredevil, she got a positive moodlet for being daring, or something along those lines.

At ‘home’, she chose to practise a trick shot.

And promptly got hit in the face with the ball. Ah sims, never change.

We examined a rift.

Autonomous woohoo!


Faith and Antwon were too preoccupied to notice the meteor. Kind of uneventful, nothing caught on fire, and a couple plants were lost.

More stalking of Antwon; like all fairies, he loves dancing.

He found the hot tub!

Then played in the trash pile; maybe should have done this before the hot tub.

Home again!

Yes, Maura was at Jeffrey’s house for that entire future trip. Faith finally went over to rescue her.

And to get her to help turning the future to Utopia. Recording her laugh.

Oops, Maura finally peed herself. -5

This is Jeff’s son, Teddy. He got Chadwick’s nose and his mother’s dark hair.

Teddy and Myra helped Faith out with the colour dews.

Speaking of Chadwick, he has chosen to make a snowman army outside his work, instead of going home.

Left all alone, Antwon has chosen to go skinny dipping in the middle of winter.

Faith brought her mother safely home…and before Maura could find a bed, Chadwick accosted her for woohoo.

I missed the pop, but Faith is pregnant. This is her announcing it to a purple-dewed Antwon.

LMAO, these two don’t stop!

Maura sleeps in the igloo afterward, and I watched as the snow melted around her. I guess that answers the question of whether an igloo will melt with a sim inside it…

Amanda has a new boyfriend; a vampire who is older than her mother.

Sybill gives her parents another grandson.

As does Leo. Faith is far behind her siblings in that respect. But that’s ok, we’re giving her some time to shine as TH.

Stop working out Chad, and get to the bathroom!

If I don’t keep her busy, Antwon keeps interrupting Faith for woohoo.

Haha, inside the bot station!

Naw, some autonomous baby loving.

Since she can’t go to the future while pregnant, Faith is working hard on her career. I keep forgetting to make trait chips before the plumbots, so have to control the bots a little, to ensure they don’t go wandering around town – mostly I just get them to power down.

She’s finally maxed bot building!

And quickly learned to make a Sentience chip.

She installs it then sells both the bots in the previous pictures.

And gets up to L7 of the bot building career!

Antwon was close to failing, and I was following him out to his fairy house…when he was struck by lightning! This is the first time I’ve been able to capture it.

It’s baby time!

A baby girl! Her name is Zelda, she’s a Brave Couch Potato who likes Red, Dark Wave music and Potato & Truffle Torte.
This generation will be named after characters in the Chess Team series by Jeremy Robinson.

Chad’s first priority after Zelda is born? To clean up Faith’s labour puddle.

But he is still the first one into the candy-striped futuristic nursery to meet Zelda.

He deserves it, he’s topped his career!
And shows off his thumbnail glitch as well; in both the portrait panel and popup thumbnails, Adult Chad is still shown, even though he’s long aged up to elder.
(Oops, and I just realised I counted the ‘topping career’ points earlier, when he got his LTW. Superstar Athlete is L9, not L10.)

Meanwhile, Antwon has only just received his first promotion.

Tam, Lena and Amanda are all getting married!

Faith wished to befriend her father; thus they talk about exercise.

And have a pillow fight.

He then chose to eat the spoiled food on the table.

The entire thing. -5

Antwon is holding the baby hostage.

Poor thing. She might stop crying if you feed/play with her, Antwon!

Ooh, Galen is out, it’s been a while since we’ve seen him. He didn’t do anything interesting, just napped.

Antwon has rolled up this wish.


So I figured it was time to make the commitment.

And right after, it’s Zelda’s birthday!

I spy black hair.

And Maura’s grey eyes. Cutie!

Next time, we visit Utopia.


From previous scoring 95
Births (10 x +5) 50
Honour Roll (9 x +5) 45
Hands Off Gen (1 x +10) 10
TH Maxed skill (7 x +10) 70
TH Maxed career (+20) 0
Idiot Maxed skill (1 x +40) 40
Fulfilling LTW (1 x +40) 40
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
Spouse Maxed career (1 x +50) 50
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (17 x -5) -85
Self-wetting (16 x -5) -80
Eating a whole plate of spoiled food (1 x -5) -5
Repoman/babysitter visit (2 x -5) -10
Fire on stove/grill (1 x -5)  -5
Sleeping outside in snow/rain/hail (1 x -5) -5
Getting red weather moodlet (2 x -5) -10
Be deep frozen -10 0
For each sim failing school (1 x -20) -20
Demotion -20 0
Getting fired -30 0
Accidental Deaths -50 0
Social Worker Visit -50 0
Total 210

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