4. Teen

4.08 – Toddler Utopia

Previously, Faith gave birth to the first child of gen 5, Zelda. She also visited the Dystopian future, and changed it back to Utopia. And she proposed to Chadwick – he said yes, of course.

Into the future once more!

And before she’s even emerged from the portal, she’s completed her LTW! +40

She got her statue; it looks nothing like her (except for the hair) – I think because she’s wearing a CC outfit and shoes.

And with the gorgeous Utopian scenery, Faith and Antwon get married!

The newlyweds went over to visit the art gallery – and found a bunch of Young descendants! All three of the grey-haired people are Youngs; Tanesha, Byron and Russel (with one L).

The stride of pride/IF walk is already grating…

Antwon chose to mess around with the fashion pedestal.

Oops, floating head.


Byron is really excited to meet Faith.

Tanesha looks a lot like Maura; same eyes and nose.

Hey, it’s Bennett Obi!
I really should find a spouse in the future one of these days, there are some great pop culture references here.

This plumbot just came up to Antwon and threw dew at him!

Haha, Pink Antwon. He matches his suit!

Faith needs social, she’s been working all day.

And she wants to level up her magic, so Antwon gets a good luck charm.

Apparently throwing dews at people is a thing in the future? Emit made Antwon blue then laughed about it.

I kind of like him blue, it’s like having berry sims! He autonomously chose to skinny dip in the hottub, so I had Faith join him.

It’s Faith’s birthday! (she looks the same as an Adult) This is why we’re hanging out in the future – time passes for these guys but not those at home. So she can be pregnant and give birth to another child while Zelda is still young. The next TH will take over as a child, so the kids need to be close together.

She still wants to level up magic, so we ice blast the plumbing.

Magic depleted, it’s back to work. Ignoring the zombie trying to attack her.


Back home for some naked slow dancing.

She can now magically upgrade the plumbing!


This time, Faith brought Antwon to work with her. He’s having a grand old time fighting water balloons with the townies and plumbots.

One last plumbot sold and Faith gets to L10! Moar points! +20

Damn Antwon won’t sleep. So many people to talk to. -5

A baby boy!

Twin boys! Their names are Erik and Stan; they’ll get proper introductions later.

I’m not sure why Antwon keeps stripping off, but he still refuses to sleep. -5

One last pregnancy; I want 4 options for heir.

And randoms are coming into the room to mess with the babies! It’s hard enough to ‘control’ the idiots with them, let alone the randoms at ‘base camp’.

We don’t have enough money to buy a house in the future, and I couldn’t lock the door, so I corralled Faith and Antwon into the big room, and took away the door.  Intentional walls down shot to show their new place – they have a food synthesiser, a bed, computer and bathroom.


This is Stan, he’s an Eccentric, Hot-Headed fairy who likes yellow, roots music and cookies. His blonde hair is a lot darker than Maura’s, so maybe from Antwon’s side of the family? Faith’s skintone and Antwon’s purple eyes.

Now Erik.

He’s a Family Oriented Virtuoso witch, who likes Spice Brown (like mum), Digitunes (like dad) and potato & truffle torte. He’s on the white/black slider like Faith, but much darker. Chadwick’s brown eyes, black hair could be either Faith or Antwon.

Minor flaw in my plan to lock the family in the room; the adults wake up the second the boys start crying. Neither Faith nor Antwon are getting much sleep.

Antwon is a good dad, though, takes care of them quickly.

Training begins in earnest, even though Antwon is exhausted.

Toddler cuteness!

Stan is a fairy/witch hybrid! My first ever non-ghost hybrid!

Time for the last baby of this generation!

Another boy, this is Dae. He’s a Heavy Sleeping Slob who likes Violet, Dark Wave (like Zelda) and Vegetarian something. Faith’s face, lol!

Home time!
I assumed that the adults would each pick up a baby, not so; you can just see Stan’s fairy wings in the background, crawling to the portal himself. Baby Dae was left on the floor!

And when they arrived home there is no baby…

They eventually arrived in the front foyer.

Triple futuristic nursery for the boys.

Antwon missed his baby girl.

Thankfully, he chose to help out the skilling; doing 3 toddler at once is going to be fun.

The grandparents eventually pull themselves from bed to help out with the babies – although naked.

This is to show how close Maura is to completing her LTW herself. She’s maxed guitar, and needs 2 points in each of the other instruments. If Chadwick would leave her alone, she might just get there.

I’m trying out some new eye defaults (by BrntWaffles), quite like how they look, except that the centre of the eye seems to be a big higher than my previous ones – often I can only see the bottom half of sims’ eyes. Also, Zelda has the same colour eyes at Chadwick.

I think Chad has a favourite; he carried Zelda around for hours, then sat down to read to her.

So many cute toddlers!

Faith is still working on her spellcasting when the toddlers are asleep. I think I might get her a job, just to get her out of the house a bit when she’s uncontrollable.

The rest of the family can look after the kids well enough; Antwon and naked Maura are fighting over Stan.

I think he would have preferred Maura put some clothes on before teaching him…

Chad got a party invite, and when I clicked on the ‘attend party’ button, he took Zelda with him.

At the house, he found an empty crib, put Zelda in it, then stood in front guarding it for hours.

Finally, he pulled a now-tired Zelda out of the crib to teach her to talk.

Meanwhile, back home, it’s Dae’s birthday!

So cute! Not sure where the orange eyes come from, but I love him. He is a witch as well; all four kids are, with Stan also having the fairy occult.

Mason Young (who needs a makeover to get him out of girl hair) is Sara’s son; I need to do some reshuffling in town to put the paired sims in the same house.

And Will is giving his parents another grandchild.

Antwon got a promotion! He very rarely picks up any musical instrument, so it’s taking him a long time to get them.

Speaking of, I don’t think I ever told you all of Antwon’s stats, so here you go.

Maura, on the other hand, is rarely off the instruments. Her mother, Tess, is in attendance tonight.

After many hours at the party, Chad eventually brings Zelda home, both exhausted. He also needs to pee.

He chose to get food instead. Wrong choice. -5

At least he moved out of the pee puddle before passing out? -5

And no-one put Zelda to bed either. Poor Faith was asleep; by the time she was woken up by the crying, and came downstairs, Zelda was out. -5

Yes, Faith, this is similar to my face at the moment. Whose brilliant idea was it to have all the kids so close together?

I freaking love this animation, so cute!

And now we have come to the heir poll! The boys (who are older than Zelda due to the future time warp) are due to age up in a day, and I’ll probably age Zelda up with them. Whoever is chosen next TH will take over on their child birthday. Go here to vote.

From previous scoring 95
Births (13 x +5) 65
Honour Roll (9 x +5) 45
Hands Off Gen (1 x +10) 10
TH Maxed skill (7 x +10) 70
TH Maxed career (1 x +20) 20
Idiot Maxed skill (1 x +40) 40
Fulfilling LTW (2 x +40) 80
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
Spouse Maxed career (1 x +50) 50
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (21 x -5) 105
Self-wetting (17 x -5) -85
Eating a whole plate of spoiled food (1 x -5) -5
Repoman/babysitter visit (2 x -5) -10
Fire on stove/grill (1 x -5)  -5
Sleeping outside in snow/rain/hail (1 x -5) -5
Getting red weather moodlet (2 x -5) -10
Be deep frozen -10 0
For each sim failing school (1 x -20) -20
Demotion -20 0
Getting fired -30 0
Accidental Deaths -50 0
Social Worker Visit -50 0
Total 260

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