Heir Poll

Gen 5 TH poll

It’s time to vote for the next Torchholder, already! This one will be taking over on their child birthday, so you’re judging them as toddlers.

Zelda, the first born and only girl. She has Faith’s overall head shape, eyes and nose; Antwon’s mouth, plus his skintone.

Stan, the fairy-witch hybrid. He’s almost a clone of Antwon, except for the eye shape, which is Faith’s. He’s the only one to get Antwon’s purple eyes and fairy occult.

Erik, the middle child. He only had a couple of pictures in the latest chapter, something I didn’t notice until captioning. But he is the best mix of all the children; Faith’s head shape, jaw and mouth with Antwon’s eye shape and nose.

Dae, the baby of the family. He has random orange eyes, and is a faceclone of Faith.


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