5. Child

5.01 – Fail Central

Previously, Faith attempted to take care of four toddlers by herself, which resulted in the above faces being made. Though she did complete her LTW and top her career!

Apologies for the uber long wait between posts, I’ve had very little time to play over the last few months, with work and studying and such. But now we’re on winter break, so plenty of time!

Yes, we are onto gen 5 already! The heir poll revealed a tie between Erik and Stan, so I will be controlling them on alternate days (not both at once).

And we start with a fail, someone forgot to put Dae to bed. -5

It’s Love Day! And the final day of Faith’s reign as TH.

Always a risk taking the idiots out of the house; Chadwick peed on Stan. -5

But we did manage to get a greeting card, woot!

I feel like this outing was a really bad idea…

There goes one. -5

And two and three. -10

At least these two are having fun. I love the “blow kiss” interaction so much.

Birthday time already!
Zelda is technically the eldest, but because she was at home while Stan and Erik were in the future, the game says the boys are older. So I’m going to age Zelda up with them – we’ll treat them like triplets.

Erik’s new trait is Night Owl.

Stan’s is Vegetarian.

Zelda rolled Computer Whiz. You’ll get face shots later, when it’s daytime.

Okay, WTF just happened?

Faith is mad at Maura, but both Chad and Maura have the ‘witnessed betrayal’ moodlets.

And now Maura is slapping Antwon! I seriously have no clue what happened, none of the married people have the relationship drop that would accompany a cheating accusation, yet they’re all 

Chad is in a really bad way.

And yet he feels it’s most important to watch the stars with his beloved.

He did make it home…and chose food over the bathroom. Bad choice. -5

Next morning, we get pics of the kids; Stan is trying out the fairy clothes, because why not.

Zelda gets braids and skirts.

While Stan is very much the ‘cool kid’ muso.

Zelda skipped her first day of school and Chad scolds her.

Neither of them slept last night, so they’re both exhausted. Chad fails first. -5

(Also, check out Maura’s arms and face; somehow she got half a tan? Must be a failed spray tan – but it’s Spring, didn’t realise the tanning booth was still there.)

Instead of sleeping, Zelda chooses to ride the rocking horse. This kid is going to be really annoying, I can tell.

Today is Stan’s day to be controlled, so he’s helping out with Dae’s low social.

The entire family is socialising this afternoon.

Stan plays a fairy trick on his mother.

It doesn’t work the second time.

But they still have a good laugh together.

Erik has succumbed to the bedtime story curse.

However, it’s successful!

Since Erik is in their bed, Maura and Chad stole the boys’ beds. I don’t care, at least they’re sleeping.

Not to forget the wider family, Will is now a father!

Chad takes it on himself to finish Dae’s toddler training.

Mr Virtuoso found the drums. And has an audience.

Zelda didn’t come home after school; I found her on the playground behind the school building.

And when she did get home, she was put in time out for bad grades. That’s what happens when you skip your first day of school, instant D.

Without my help, Faith seems to have forgotten what to do with the baby.

You were holding him, Faith! Why did you not put him to bed? -5

Dirty dishes; such a glamourous life for our THs.

As expected, these two are all over one another, now that I’m not controlling Faith.

Chad broke the toilet. And it’s only now I realise that kids can’t repair stuff…not sure if they can call for a repairman, though? Or maybe broken stuff will just have to be left until the boys are teens.

It’s Dae’s birthday!

Since we didn’t complete his toddler training, he got Frugal locked in.

Cutie! Even if he is a clone of Faith. Not sure where he got the orange eyes, though… Chadwick and Antwon’s are brown, Faith and Maura’s grey. Must be Antwon’s parents – maybe that’s where Stan’s purple eyes come from, also.

His first act as a child? Play video games.

Stan is going the less tech-y route, and ruling over royal court.

While Maura entertains the adults with her drumming.

Sybill has a new RI!

Since he’s now providing for the family, Erik needs to learn how to cook.

I used Zelda’s child action to start a game of tag with Dae and Maura.

Stan the spaceman! He is enjoying his time off the leash.

Erik wants to befriend his father;
Antwon initiates a conversation at the table.

Which quickly escalates to a pillow fight.

This one had a bedtime story, which failed. But he did eventually sleep in the treehouse. Thank goodness for that thing.

Aw, Maura, you were so close! -5

Yay Erik, some positive points, finally!

Look who Zelda brought home from school! This cutie is Gillian Pok-Simly, granddaughter of Tam.

Since it’s his day as TH, Erik gets to socialise with her.

This one is obsessed with the rocking horse. I think it’s her Brave trait.

Amanda is pregnant!

Dae waited too long to ask for a bedtime story. -5

Stan chose to trick Gillian. She did not take it well.

Not cool Faith, that’s your husband’s father! (Pip Goodfellow, who invited Faith to a party)

She skinny dipped in his pool.

Then was accused of making the party lame. Good one.

Success, all three boys are asleep at the same time! In the correct beds, even!

Zelda is a hopeless case. She just got off the rocking horse, is exhausted, and it’s about 3am.

But it’s onto the second one (which I had actually forgotten existed – it’s in an unused room next to Zelda’s bedroom).

Maura looks ecstatic to be playing the bass. Never mind her needs, she has music!

Nadia is out, hai!


From previous scoring 95
Births (13 x +5) 65
Honour Roll (10 x +5) 50
Hands Off Gen (1 x +10) 10
TH Maxed skill (7 x +10) 70
TH Maxed career (1 x +20) 20
Idiot Maxed skill (1 x +40) 40
Fulfilling LTW (2 x +40) 80
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
Spouse Maxed career (1 x +50) 50
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (26 x -5) 130
Self-wetting (21 x -5) -105
Eating a whole plate of spoiled food (1 x -5) -5
Repoman/babysitter visit (2 x -5) -10
Fire on stove/grill (1 x -5)  -5
Sleeping outside in snow/rain/hail (1 x -5) -5
Getting red weather moodlet (2 x -5) -10
Be deep frozen -10 0
For each sim failing school (1 x -20) -20
Demotion -20 0
Getting fired -30 0
Accidental Deaths -50 0
Social Worker Visit -50 0
Total 220

One thought on “5.01 – Fail Central

  1. My life has been stupid crazy the last year, I fell ridiculously behind all my sim reading. But I’m finally back and got all caught up!

    I Super loved Faith’s generation, but I am also excited to see how the child as a TH goes! It’s been a really fun ride so far seeing each gen in action! The really weird TH ages are coming up and I am excited to see how it goes! 😀


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