5. Child

5.02 – Summer Slumber

Previously, we announced our dual heirs for this generation, Erik and Stan! I will be controlling them on alternate days, so they will have chances to be idiots as well as THs. All four kids aged up to child, and we had a bunch of fails.

Also, I have now updated the downloads page; most of Faith’s siblings are uploaded. The only ones missing are Will and Leo, whom I don’t have shots of for their trait cards – they will be up soon!

We begin with a family outing!

Only everyone decided to travel by themselves. Antwon stole the broom that was in the garage for Faith.

Apparently Zelda is human? She doesn’t have a broom like the boys do. How do a witch and a fairy produce a human child?

We’re visiting the library!

Zelda finds a couch to nap on, since she didn’t sleep last night.

Chad and Faith socialise.

This cutie is Davon Young, Sybill’s son with Alfred Hoppcraft.

He and Erik do homework together.

Will and family have joined us in the library. His son Teddy is in the tux behind him – he really takes after his mother.

Erik got stinky, so came home to play in the bath.

Faith and Maura are stuck in a coffee loop.

No-one except the two youngest are doing well. And I’m controlling Erik, so apparently only  Dae can take care of himself.

Zelda made it home, only to pass out before she could eat. -5

Faith and Maura went down one after another. -10

After her floor nap, Faith is raging at her hunger.

Until she remembers she’s a witch and can conjure apples.

While waiting for the adults to come home, Erik practises piano.

That night, we have a slumber party! The fun part about controlling children, we can experience things adults can’t do.

The guests are only just in the door when Maura decides it’s time to check out. Great timing.

Everyone crowds into the orange and blue bedroom to see her off. She begged, but Grim was having none of it.

Our guests are Jayme Pok-Simly.

Carolina Pok-Simly (along with their triplet sister Gillian, whom we met last chapter).

And Sterling Winters-Van Gould, he of the amazing blue eyes.

Muffins for dinner!

Then some dancing.

I’d forgotten about her, but apparently Faith is still at the library. Another pass out. -5

All the guests chose to sleep in the garage for some reason?

There’s plenty of room in the main downstairs, as evidenced by Dae and Erik in their sleeping bags.

Zelda is not sleeping. So not surprised.

Faith finally made it home, and is devastated by her mother’s death.

Nice face, sweetie.

Not sure whether Antwon was home or not, but he definitely didn’t go to the bathroom (that’s his pee puddle behind him) or sleep. -10

He’s in a very bad way, poor idiot.

But at least our THs are trying to gain us more points. +5

Erik and Dae play on the see saw.

Antoine is visiting!

These two are back at it.

Dae skipped school.

And got put in time out. Chad is always the one doing the scolding; their parents are too busy being all over one another all the time.

Antwon is slowly making his way up the music career track.

Damn, these adults really need to find a bed. Normally it’s the kids not sleeping, but in my game it’s the adults. -5

It’s Leisure Day! The boys enjoy the pool while the girls have a sleep in.

In the afternoon, it’s festival time!

Sara’s family is also here; her husband is Bill Grimm-Rodgers, the redhead in the grey.

Her daughter, Michele, has a strange mouth.

Alec isn’t too bad looking, though.

Swimsuit greeting card!
(no idea why Faith’s hair is different, she’s had trouble keeping her hairstyles since she aged to adult)

Oops, should have let Zelda go to the bathroom first. -5

Stan, Dae and Chad eat hot dogs; Chad won.

The family were going to have a water balloon fight, but I forgot it was the ‘triplets’ birthday!

Stan rolled Genius.

Pretty cute, the wide nose suits him.

Zelda next.

Her trait was locked in; Over Emotional.


And finally Erik. He rolled Loves the Cold.


Chad peed himself, too. The idiots never do anything, they seem to just stand around and let their motives drop. I’m thinking we’ll need to move.

All four of these guys have red weather moodlets, so another -20. We’ve lost about 100 points in these last two chapters alone!

Faith is sunburned.

And Antwon rounds us out with one more points loss. -5

Sorry to cut this short, but the family is definitely moving. This is getting ridiculous.



From previous scoring 95
Births (13 x +5) 65
Honour Roll (11 x +5) 55
Hands Off Gen (1 x +10) 10
TH Maxed skill (7 x +10) 70
TH Maxed career (1 x +20) 20
Idiot Maxed skill (1 x +40) 40
Fulfilling LTW (2 x +40) 80
Every 100k (1 x +20) 20
Spouse Maxed career (1 x +50) 50
Not using spares Happiness points for a gen (1 x +10) 10
Passing Out (32 x -5) 160
Self-wetting (25 x -5) -125
Eating a whole plate of spoiled food (1 x -5) -5
Repoman/babysitter visit (2 x -5) -10
Fire on stove/grill (1 x -5)  -5
Sleeping outside in snow/rain/hail (1 x -5) -5
Getting red weather moodlet (6 x -5) -30
Be deep frozen -10 0
For each sim failing school (1 x -20) -20
Demotion -20 0
Getting fired -30 0
Accidental Deaths -50 0
Social Worker Visit -50 0
Total 155

2 thoughts on “5.02 – Summer Slumber

  1. Just got done re-reading and catching up, I’ve missed so much in my sims hiatus! I’m loving the way you’re doing this challenge and you’re so on-top of capturing fails. I totally wouldn’t think to look through idiot moodlets in case I missed a fail or two. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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