BISBI? (About and Rules)

This is a Backwards ISBI; similar to a traditional ISBI, but with a twist! Original ISBI rules are here at boolprop; Backwards ISBI rules are here at the Sims forum. Basically, I only control one sim per generation, everyone else is left to their own devices.

For the backwards portion, the founder is an elder, the next TH is an adult, then YA, teen etc. all the way down to baby!

From Gen 3 onward, I have chosen to follow an alternate set of rules, as set forth by ixot/toxi, since I found the normal ISBI ones very easy. And I have adjusted a couple of things, per my own preferences.


  • You move your insane founder to an empty lot and build from there, or choose a ready-made starter. Your founder is the only sim you control, until the heir takes over on their birthday to YA.
  • Each generation has to have at least two births, and every third generation (gen 3, 6 and 9) are fertility treatment generations where both heir and spouse take the fertility treatment. Male pregnancy mod or adoption is allowed for gay couples. Every child must have an idiot trait as soon as you’re able to choose. There’s a bonus for randomizing the other traits & LTW. No choosing LTW before they turn YA! The heir is either chosen by “born dumb” rule, or by your preference or vote.
  • Supernatural founder/spouse is only allowed if you use a mod to make their life span normal human.
  • Your sims make their money solely from heir’s and spouse’s jobs & investments (optional). No selling anything! Only heir & spouse and previous heir and spouse can work, no one else in the household.
  • Your spouse can only work in a rabbithole (you may change their job when they move in). You can’t change the spouse’s lifetime wish or traits. On their first day as elders, you may retire them if you wish, but if they don’t retire on that very day, that ship has sailed.
  • You may lock in wishes for idiots if there’s a chance they can fulfill them on their own. You can’t make your founder actively skill them in any way – not toddlers either, except the three basic skills.
  • There’s one free action for every life stage. They don’t stack, so if you forget about it it’s lost. If you choose a social interaction, “visit” and “introduce” is free but after that you can only use one controlled interaction, not a series of flirty interactions for example.

You May:

  • Spares can now stay for as long as you like, and anyone can move into the household! The more the merrier! Live-ins can’t work and you can’t use their happiness points or count their maxed skills, they are just there to clog the toilets. Have at least two free spots during pregnancy and three spots after fertility treatment. Once moved out they can never move back in again.
  • Beds can be assigned once per sim and bed.
  • You may ask idiots to join in a non-skill building activity, as long as they’re in the green and just standing around. Use sparingly and don’t abuse it.
  • You can now push idiots to any lot without the company of the heir. However, they can’t “visit” (since it requires ringing the door bell) and they can’t be pushed into rabbitholes alone. If there’s a wish involved they have to take the heir with them to be able to fulfill it (“wants to visit a park” for example). Otherwise it would be too easy.
  • Opportunities that don’t require sending your idiot into a rabbit hole or to talk to someone are OK to accept. For children and teens there are two: schoolyard chums and get on the honor roll. For adults there’s mainly the celebrity opportunities, and it’s almost always work outs. If your idiots work out 100 % on their own I think they deserve a bonus.
  • Phone: you may call for pizza, police and fire department. There’s a penalty for stove & grill fires – your choice to call for help or not.

You May Not:

  • Opportunities that require sending your idiot into a rabbit hole or to talk to someone. If you click yes by accident and later realize you have to send your idiot somewhere to finish, you have to cancel the opportunity.
  • Lifetime rewards: Moodlet manager, motive mobile, steel bladder, hardly hungry, dirt defiant, immune to cold & heat, change lifetime wish (for spouses).
    TH is excepted from the above rule, but they cannot use any reward object to help an idiot – except in the case of mourning an old age death.
  • You may not ask idiots “to join” in a skill-building activity. You may not train or tutor them. You may not in any way encourage or tell idiots to skill or do homework. All skilling must, apart from the free action, be 100 % on free will.
  • You may not use the same skilling as a free action more than once in an idiot’s life.
  • You may not tell kids to go to bed.
  • You may not change your idiots’ outfits with MC just because they don’t fit the event or weather. Changing outfits for prom, photos & wedding is OK.
  • No travelling unless your heir has a LTW to travel. No uni unless your sim is only going there to slack and find a spouse. ie, Minimal/no skilling away from your home world.
  • Skilling items (certain store items and modded items) that attract all sims, regardless of traits, aren’t allowed. If they line up to use it daily, it’s probably too much fun.
  • The walker, the baby swing, the changing table and the playpen are off limits. The baby monitor is only allowed during the burrito stage and must be placed in every room where an adult sleeps, if you use it at all. Due to this blog being a backward ISBI, baby monitor must be used for toddler TH stage also.
  • You may not hire, buy, program or move in any type of help with babies, cleaning, repairing or cooking.
  • Adults cannot carry sleeping bags unless they are travelling. Children and teens can carry them, but there’s a penalty for sleeping outside in the rain and for getting a moodlet colder than “getting chilly” or warmer than “getting warm”.


–5 Babysitter/repoman visit
(when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
–5 For a fire
–5 Passing Out
–5 Self urination
–5 Eating a whole plate of spoiled food
–5 Leave infant in snow
–5 Sleeping outside in snow/rail/hail
–5 Getting a moodlet colder than “getting chilly” or warmer than “getting warm”
–10 Be deep frozen (yes, -15 if they started sleeping)
–20 For each sim failing school
–20 Demotion (each one!)
–30 Getting fired
–50 Accidental Deaths (even if spared. excludes meteor strike)
–50 Social Worker Visit
+5 Every Birth
+5 Each Sim that gets on the honor roll (counts twice if they get this at both child and teen)
+5 Each friend that an idiot makes without heir’s help
+10 Per Hands Off Generation – if you don’t drag meals to the fridge, dishes to the dishwasher and trash to the garbage bin
+10 Not using spares happiness points for a generation (counted at YA, even if spare is staying in the house
+10 Heir maxing skill
+20 Heir maxing career
+40 Every $100k (net worth)
+40 Fulfilling LTW
+40 Idiot maxes a skill (100% autonomously, other than one free action)
+50 Spouse reaches the top of their career (if LTW and career is the same, that’s +90!)

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