Keep a Young

If you wish to download a Young, feel free! All .sim files are packed with no CC, so they’ll look different in your game – but if you want a particular piece of CC, just ask!

1.1.01 - Galen title card
Galen’s skin is Ephemera Tan (non-default)

Gen 2:

2. Max
Max uses Ephemera Weak-Asia skin (non-default)

2. Evie
Evie uses Ephemera Weak-Asia skin (link under Max)

2. Mia
Mia’s skin is Ephemera Tan (link under Galen)

2. Jenna
Jenna also uses Ephemera Tan skin

2. Tess
Tess uses Ephemera Weak-Asia skin

2. Ethan
Ethan’s skin is also Ephemera Tan

Gen 3:


Non-Family, Born in Game

2.02.44 Antoine title
Gen 2 Spouse

2.01.36 - Cristina Winchester
Cristina Winchester, offspring of Odessa Winchester and Julian Poroit (sister of Antoine)