3. Young Adult

3.01 – Proper Orange

I apologise for the very long wait. This family/save is really not liking me lately; more explanation later on.

3.01.01 - poll

The heir poll is a tie! So, since Maura is now a YA, she will be the TH until Gabriel also ages up, then I will control each of them on alternate days. Well, that was the plan, anyway. But I’ll explain later, for now, Maura is the sole sim being controlled.

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Heir Poll

Gen 3 Heir Poll

Stop! If you have not yet read the most recent chapter, 2.11, please go and read it first. Don’t want to spoil things ahead of time 🙂

My apologies, I neglected to create the actual poll! It’s there now – if you’ve already voted in the comments, that can be your vote…or you could be sneaky and vote twice.

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2. Adult

2.11 – End of the Line

2.10.61 - Galen dies6
Previously, Angela aged up to teen, proving to be a face clone of Tess. And Galen finally left us.

This chapter took a long time coming (been trying to complete it since I posted 2.09), I had so many issues with the save file. Just this one, the Rourkes were fine. Most times, the game crashed immediately upon loading – I couldn’t even action a move to a new town. Many many different things were tried, and I was on the verge of manually recreating the family in CAS in a new save file. But then, I was able to roll back the game to the previous patch – the one before EA forced Origin to be open during play. And that worked!

That fix was implemented about halfway through this chapter; I apologise if it seems a bit stilted or random, I played through this few days many many times.

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2. Adult

2.10 – The Patch

2.09.52 - play piggy
Previously, Gabe aged up to child, and was adorable with the dogs. Tess and Antoine also  had their final birthdays, to elders.
I came to whine about the problems I’ve been having with this save lately, and discovered a chapter’s worth of pictures not posted! So you guys get another chapter before the choppy one with all the crashes. And we’ll soon be having an heir poll, too!

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