The Somebody Behind the Angel

AKA the About page.

My name’s Sam, I’m in my late 20s and live in Sydney Australia. Aside from Simming, I’m not a huge gamer, though I do love my mobile games, especially Pokemon.

I work as a Demand Planner, working with forecasts and demand and making sure stock arrives on time. So you could say I know how to multi-task and micro-manage. Trying to be a bit more laid-back with this challenge/legacy, an ISBI is the ultimate ‘hands-off’ challenge!

This is my simself, Samali Nike. She’s pretty true to my face, as much as the EA sliders will allow, since I don’t bother with custom ones. You’re welcome to grab her and put her in your games, if you like – with her Family Oriented trait and LTW, she’s likely to spawn a number of children to populate your towns.

Traits: Family Oriented, Genius, Night Owl, Loner, Bookworm
Possible alternate traits: Socially Awkward, Shy
LTW: Surrounded by Family (feel free to change this, if you wish)
CC: Hair is Peggy 0901, retextured by Anubis



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